Wednesday, 25 March 2015

A Rewarding Passion

Tocara has changed my life! I have always worked full time, but never got the chance to travel. With many other obligations, it was simply not a priority. When I first saw the beautiful Tocara jewelry, I was immediately drawn to this opportunity – I had nothing to lose! A very timid individual, and especially uncomfortable in front of an audience, I was not expecting to succeed in Direct Sales – Never mind climbing up the ladder and getting promoted to VP!

To my great disbelief, with motivation, willingness and perseverance, I was able to watch my business grow. Each one of you can achieve this goal with the same determination! You too can realize this dream because it’s accessible, you just need to believe in yourself! My Tocara business makes a significant difference in my budget. My passion is one that pays very well and I have so much fun at the same time! It’s very important to stay positive and to persevere when you start, because it’s worth it! Since Tocara, I can really start spoiling myself. It’ll soon be 4 years that I can afford to travel at least once or twice a year… With my significant other of course! Now this is motivating.

Tocara equips us all with the tools to succeed. The National Conference is extremely important for me. I strongly recommend each Consultant to attend, it changes our vision! There are so many trainings and sharing of information that would benefit your business. We get the opportunity to meet all the girls, and most of all, to be together with our teams. The Tocara family supports us in an extraordinary manner. We leave the Conference even more motivated and want our business to grow even more! Succeeding is possible with Tocara! This meeting is a great source of motivation and inspiration. I especially can’t wait for the gala, it’s amazing to see all the Consultants beautifully dressed and glowing! This is a reward for them, where they get to receive well deserved recognition.

I’ve grown a lot with Tocara. Tocara shaped me into the confidant woman that I am today and I’m proud of that. Thank you Tocara for being part of my life.

Chantal De Carufel

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