Tuesday, 28 April 2015

My path to success!


My name is Émie Erpelding, Diamond Director and I have been a member of the Tocara family for more than 4 and a half years now.
To this day, I’ve had the privilege of working with a wonderful big team by my side, and to be consistent in my personal sales. Last year, I had the best personal sales with $127 000. I never imagined this could be possible a few years ago. Who I am and what I do now wasn’t always how it used to be, and far from it. If you had met me 2 and a half years ago, I would have presented myself as Émie Erpelding, Tocara Consultant, no team, and sales as unstable as a rollercoaster, which meant with ups and downs. One day, I hit rock bottom, with zero sales a few months consecutively… $0! And no hostesses…

I was completely discouraged and no longer motivated. I even thought that I wasn’t made for Tocara after all, and that I wasn’t good enough. Conference was quickly approaching and I gave myself one last chance to succeed. I already attended Conference the year before and received excellent advices, lots of fun, free jewellery, and especially the energy and motivation needed to reach my goals. This is why attending this wonderful weekend was crucial. Despite my boyfriend disagreeing with me for registering for Conference, because we were on a tight budget at the time (plus, he did not believe in my success with Tocara), I decided to follow my instinct. It was one of the best decisions of my life, because that is what put me back on track. I made the decision to change and to take my business more seriously. Since then, I never again had zero as a personal sales number because I always made sure to have many hostesses every month. How did I rebuild my business from nothing? ONE hostess can change everything! One hostess at the time!

Conference changed everything for me and put me on my path to success! 

Hope to see you there this year!

Émie XX

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