Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Passionate about Tocara Jewelry

As a woman who is passionate about everything having to do with fashion, beauty, and beautiful things in general, what a great discovery Tocara was for me! Wow! I immediately fell in love with this gorgeous collection of jewelry available to everyone at affordable prices, allowing us to reach a huge pool of potential clients. Plus, as consultants, we’re entitled to phenomenal benefits! The possibilities are endless for us to expand our business, and to use a simple but meaningful catchphrase I always quote at my shows . . . “I HAVE NEVER SEEN THAT!!!”

Since my starter show on April 29, I have had the opportunity to meet many people thanks to Tocara, either at my shows, our monthly meetings, my sponsorship meetings, at the hairdresser’s, the office, the dentist’s, the massage therapists, at the grocery store, the nail salon, the neighbours’, with the parents of our children’s friends, etc. The result of all these wonderful encounters is that I am now a Silver Director, and I would encourage all consultants to hurry up, because we have a GOLDEN opportunity in front of us!! Everything is possible with Tocara!

What’s my secret? It isn’t a secret; it’s “determination”! It’s a matter of not being shy to talk to everybody, even if only to say a few words, and of showcasing our beautiful jewelry by wearing it, which opens doors to nice comments. And of course, we must . . . “believe.”

I am very happy to be a part of the Tocara adventure, and I aspire to great achievements in the future! I wish the same for you!

I take this opportunity to thank my sponsor St├ęphanie Boucher, who came into my life like a little fairy with her magic wand and her jewelry.

Thank you and until next time!

Natacha Gagnon

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