Wednesday, 16 October 2013

My Tocara Experience

My good friend and colleague Lori Murphy (thank goodness for great friends) decided to call me in Oct. 2010 and let me know about Tocara. I was very interested and really liked what I was hearing, so I said sure. But I could only do a few shows, as I was a few months away from launching a new business of my own.

Due to a number of circumstances, my new business was not meant to work out for me. So when things went sideways with that, I remember looking at my book shelf, where I had nicely laid my jewelry, and saying, “Huh, guess it's time to take a serious look at this.”

It was almost 2 years to the day when I started running my Tocara business consistently and with
momentum!! I believe timing is everything. My past 14 years of experience in this industry and all the help from my colleagues and home office, who helped me understand programs and who contributed their expertise, made things go smoothly and without concerns.

First and always most importantly was my show schedule. You can’t run a business without going to work! So back in the fall of 2012, I sold over $14,000 and earned designer day!!! That was an amazing experience!!!

By this time, I started introducing the business to other people. Almost every single person who chose to start her own business had never done this before, so I became very hands-on!! I supported them with new bookings, hostess coaching, following up with their hostesses, going to their first 3-4 shows, helping them get new bookings. And of course, if anyone was interested in the business, I held the interviews together with them. Almost everyone is right here in Saskatoon or in very close surrounding areas, so you can literally get anywhere in the city in about 20 min. As a direct result of this very hands-on training, our team of about 18 (so far) has just been promoted to Pearl and this with only 10 people having submitted shows!!! Our second month of Pearl qualification actually turned into our first month of qualifying for Ruby!!! I kind of joke around with my colleagues and say, “You know, I am not your boss, but if you just let me tell you what to do for one month, I will show you how to consistently earn $50.00+ per hour and be comfortable with all areas of the business that will move you forward.” We have a great group of business women here in Saskatchewan introducing people to Tocara, and it is a pleasure to work with all of them!!!!

So the reason I got where I am so far, earning designer day, chateau Markus, Punta Cana, and thousands of dollars in free products and additional cash bonuses, is because of the brilliant way this company lays out its programs!! Tocara is always looking out for us, and all the programs they design are for us to move forward!!!! So take the time to understand them and all other areas of your business. What seems a little crazy to me about all these amazing Promos and bonuses I have earned is that I never really had my focus on any of them. I earned them all only on my personal show schedule and on the interviews and the training schedule with my new colleagues who wanted to own their own business. That has brought me here in 6 short months. So when you break it all down, it will all fall into your lap if you just consistently hold 2 shows per week and train 2 people every month. Although I may be educated in this industry, I treat everyone as my equal and do my very best to meet people where they are, not where I think they should be.

Moving forward, my days will be about a consistent show schedule, first and foremost, and then making sure everyone gets the training they need!!!! My job is simply to train people to lead themselves.


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